Jaco du Plessis

How To Make The World A Better Place

It's not as hard as you might think.

The New York Times published a ridiculous piece on Stellenbosch

Another low point for a supposedly good journalism institution.

The Potential of Blogging with a Chat App

Perhaps the easiest way to publish on the open internet.

How To Fix Rotated Samsung Videos

An easy fix for a very annoying problem.

Saving 90% Bandwidth on Podcast Downloads

From 32Mb per file to about 3Mb with ffmpeg.

How Well Do You Know SQL

There's a website that can help you train.

Use Pipsi to manage Python utilities

Pipsi is a useful tool you should know of.

My Invitation To Use Open Source Software

I'm offering to host software for free.

Bypassing Paywalls With One Line of Code

Curl up next to a lynx pup and enjoy some reading.

A Look at the Luno Streams Python Library

I recently published a Python library and thought I'd explain some internals.

My Video Was Removed From YouTube

YouTube is really struggling with their moderation process.

'n Kennis uit die Koue

Ek het die voorreg gehad om 'n besonderse oom op Sutherland te ken.

Batching Asynchronous JavaScript for Headless Screenshots

How I took 10 000 screenshots as fast as possible.

Who Gets The Most Dough From South Africa's Lotto?

I looked at a dataset I found on the internet.

My Telegram Bot Will Send You Any Media

My alternative for those crappy streaming apps.

Nederland 2017 - Deel 2

Amsterdam - ontvangs en eerste indrukke.

Nederland 2017 - Deel 1

Waarom ek besluit het om Nederland te besoek en waarom ek nou eers daaroor skryf.

The Fabulous Results of my Social Experiment

If you haven't heard from me recently, this is why.

New Blog Setup

I've changed this site back to a static site generator.

I'm Using DuckDuckGo And You Should Too

There's a good alternative for searching the internet.

Don't Use Facebook

Think twice before giving away your personal data.

We Don't Need Google

Hosting open source tools for personal use can help protect privacy.

How To Test a Python Google App Engine Project

A solution for testing apps that use App Engine and webapp2.

Water op die brein maak jou breindood, nie rein

Wat wil julle in die doopbak afwas?


Die moord van Eugene Terre'blanche.