Jaco du Plessis

Use VoxPop Maps for Directions & Privacy

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As part of my VoxPop project collective, I'm pleased to announce VoxPop Maps.

It's a very simple alternative to Google Maps, with "geolocation" (position), "geocoding" (search) and "directions" widgets.

Most importantly, it doesn't track you in any way - so if you need some directions without creating a permanent data on Google's servers, you can just go to https://maps.voxpop.co.za.

It took me about 5 minutes to create and deploy this app - it's just a combination of some MapBox projects, with my own access token. It's hosted on surge.sh with cached via CloudFlare.

Update July 2017: it seems the Mapbox Directions API and widget are pretty bad. I've tried using it myself and it almost always fails when looking for places in South Africa. What a shame.

Have a comment? Email me at jaco@jacoduplessis.co.za.