Jaco du Plessis

My Invitation To Use Open Source Software

open-source software

I'm currently running some amazing free software on my server that replaces some Google services I used in the past.

I'd like to highlight two of these:

  1. miniflux - RSS reader with content extraction
  2. radicale - Calendar, Contacts and Tasks build on widely supported protocols

With miniflux, I can stay on top of all the content on the internet that interests me, without having to visit the websites. It saves me a lot of time and bandwidth every month.

By combining radicale with other open source apps like the Thunderbird email client, and the calendar and contacts syncing Android app DAVdroid (that is available on F-Droid), I can manage and see my personal files and communication on all my devices.

If you want to give these apps a try to see whether they can serve as replacements for your current solutions, I'm inviting you to send me an email and I'll create accounts for you on my server.

There are wonderful open source applications out there, but most people are not aware of them. This is just my simple contribution to help spread the word and, hopefully, adoption.

Have a comment? Email me at jaco@jacoduplessis.co.za.