Jaco du Plessis

My Telegram Bot Will Send You Any Media


If you're not using Telegram, you're missing out. For a variety of reasons it is the best chat application available.

One of the awesome features of Telegram their Bot API.Anyone can make bots for the Telegram platform, and I've made a couple over the last year.

The one I use most, however, is my https://t.me/mzansibot. If you send it a message containing a URL, it downloads the webpage, extracts the text and sends it back as a plain message. No ads, trackers, JavaScript frameworks, images or other cruft included. It works like a charm.

Last night I made it better.

I used Google Play Music (premium) for the last 3 months. It sucks. It's buggy and it costs money. Before that I used Simfy Africa, which is even worse. Streaming apps are all shit, it seems. On my laptop I use a Python script to download videos and audio from YouTube. That actually works great. So last night I hooked this script up to MzansiBot along with the YouTube Search API and now I have an "app" that sends me any video or audio file on YouTube, for free.

That took me about 30 minutes and so I started testing it. And then I thought I might as well add the ability to search for lyrics as well, so now the bot can also find and send you the lyrics of any song by scraping the AZ Lyrics website.

Anyone can use this bot. Just start chatting to @mzansibot on Telegram. So if you're looking to replace your crappy or non-free streaming app, just use my bot instead. Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions for improvements.

Have a comment? Email me at jaco@jacoduplessis.co.za.