Jaco du Plessis

I'm Using DuckDuckGo And You Should Too

privacy search google duck duck go

I've stopped using Google Search, opting instead to use DuckDuckGo, a rival search engine that respects your privacy. Thus far, I have not once felt the need to go back to Google due to unsatisfactory search results. I really like the service. Currently I do software development full-time, so I do many dozens of queries per day.

Another thing I like about DDG is the user settings that allows you to tailor your search experience to your UI, privacy and data usage preferences. You can even disable ads! (Though you really should be using an ad-blocker in any case.)

Go check it out.

Update 4 months later (22 July): Still using DDG every day and I'm still very satisfied. Not once have I felt the need to do a search via Google (aka !g).

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